Class photos from Höljäkkä Schools

(Updated 23 September 2018)

The photos are taken at three different schools in Höljäkkä: South Höljäkkä School, North Höljäkkä School and the interim school in the Höljäkkä Youth Association House where some classes had their class rooms during the period 1948-54. The former teachers Ms Hilkka Kartasalo, Mr Seppo Pirinen and Ms Saima Tammensuo and several former pupils have assisted in providing the photos.

Retired teacher Mr Mauno Martikainen has published a book "Hiljentyneet koulut" about the history of the schools of Nurmes municipality, including the history of the schools in Höljäkkä covering the period 1891 to 1990. The book includes a list of pupils of all the years.

Class photos from the schools in North Höljäkkä and South Höljäkkä